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Patrick Brooks

Patrick Brooks

Artist statement

My name is Patrick S. Brooks and I am an illustrator and writer based in Yorkshire. I graduated in Fine Art and primarily work digitally using Photoshop. I try to create an ethereal and dreamlike feel to many of my scenes and use different techniques. I use scanned image textures of paint, pastel and canvas, and build up illustrations with layers. By assigning textures to custom brushes, I try to achieve a traditional pastel feel to my work. Through using layer blending modes such as screen, overlay and multiply, I alter transparency to experiment with different texture and digital effects.

My work

Monkey Swing

Let your monkey swing through the trees with this fabulous mural wallpaper Monkey Swing by Patrick S Brooks - full of gorgeously bold colour, add some excitement to playtime.

From 25.00 per sq m

Monkey Swing

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